Ohio University - Week 4

Near the start of this week I photographed a candlelight vigil in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day in light of a recent suicide on campus. Students came together at Scripps Amphitheater on campus to honor those who have passed on and offered words of encouragement for those coping with depression related issues. Members of the student organization Post-It! at Ohio University (a group that uses Post-It notes filled positive messages as a means of support) spoke out as well Dean of Students, Jenny Hall-Jones.

Eric Frazee and Alexa Joyce write messages of hope and commemoration on Post-It notes. Students posted the messages on a communal board at the candlelight vigil in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Alexa Joyce of New Paris, Ohio, sheds a tear as she sticks a Post-It note to a board full of notes commerating lost loved ones as well as uplifting messages of hope during the candlelight vigil held at Scripps Ampitheatre on Tuesday evening. Joyce commerated her grandfather Alden Joyce and her brother, Lee Fitzwater.

Nick Lobosco and Ashlee Goetsch hold their candles together at the candlelight vigil held at Scripps Ampitheatre on Tuesday evening.

This Saturday I attended the 15th annual Ohio Pawpaw festival held at Lake Snowden, just outside of Athens. The event was filled with interesting people and activities. 

Chase Leibold (right) of Columbus, Ohio, spits out a pawpaw seed as he competes against Raleigh Ryan (left) of Akron, Ohio, and other participants during the Pawpaw Eating Contest at the Pawpaw Festival on Saturday. Participants were required to eat though pawpaw mush using only their mouths and suck clean the seeds. The first person to clean all the seeds to the judge's satisfaction was declared the winner. 

Raleigh Ryan of Akron, Ohio, licks his mouth and facial hair clean of pawpaw mush during the Pawpaw Eating Contest.

Lauren McCullough of Warsaw, N.Y., examines bottle cap earrings at one of the many craft vendors manned by local artists at the Pawpaw Festival on Saturday.

Brandi Ison of Nelsonville, Ohio, sorts through tie-dyed shirts at the Cool Diss vendor booth at the Pawpaw Festival on Saturday.

Gary Beasley of Sycamore, Ohio, poses for a portrait at the Pawpaw Festival held at Lake Snowden on Saturday.

Brother and sister Brice, 16, and Grace, 12, Simon of East Sparta, Ohio, participate in the Youth Pawpaw Gauntlet Contest at the Pawpaw Festival on Saturday. The gauntlet featured many different obstacles that had to be climbed on, jumped over, trudged through, swam under, and slid into. 

Emmett Tobius, 10, laughs as he pulls himself up out of the pool after sliding down a large slide during the Youth Pawpaw Gauntlet Contest at the Pawpaw Festival on Saturday.

Ohio University - Weeks 2 & 3

Athens High School quarterback Joey Burrow along with other players and coaches prep for their home game against Watkins Memorial on Friday.

These past two weeks have provided me with numerous different events to shoot, though many of them were sports related. It has been challenging juggling assignments for The Post and my photography class, but it has resulted in me getting out into the world and taking a lot of photos-which has been an absolute blast. This a mixed bag of what I've done these last two weeks while in school.

I photographed an Athens High School football home game this last Friday. Athens destroyed Watkins Memorial with a final score of 53 - 3.

 Members of the Athens High School marching band march on the track before the home game against Watkins Memorial on Friday. 

Athens High School wide reciever Adam Luehrman tackles Isaac Morrison of Watkins Memorial during Friday night's game in The Plains.

Bulldog wide reciever Heath Wiseman runs the ball upfield against a Watkins Memorial defense on Friday's game in The Plains. Athens defeated Watkins Meorial 53-3. 

Last week I explored Court St. in Athens in search of some unique images. These are some of the shots I came up with. 

Manager Dave Robinson of Elyria, Ohio, and Charles Buchanan of Athens, Ohio, work during Wednesday evening in an Ali Baba's vending trailor. 

Audone and Al Biknevicius of Albany, Ohio, hold each other under an umbrella during a downpour Monday as they dash towards the Athena Theatre on Court St. in Athens, Ohio. The couple came to the theatre to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary by watching "Blue Jasmine". 

Last week I also photographed a portrait of new Ohio University volleyball player and graduate student Alexis Pinson. 

Middle blocker Alexis Pinson came to Ohio University after playing several seasons at Arizona State and earning all-PAC 12 honors. Pinson is a graduate student studying sports administration.

Just this last Sunday I also took photos at a Thompson Square concert held here at Ohio University's campus. I wasn't allowed to get up close and photograph the group, so I got a long lens and brought the action to me. 

Shawna and Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square preform at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Auditorium on Sunday evening. 

Two weeks ago I also went to a women's soccer game to take pictures for The Post.

Ohio Forward Alexis Milesky kicks towards the goal while guarded by DePaul Goalkeeper Megan Pyrz during Friday's game at Chessa Field. Ohio fell to DePaul 3-1. 

Finally, last weekend I shot Ohio University's first home game and got my first taste of college football.

North Texas tight end Daniel Prior forces Ohio cornerback Travis Carrie to fumble the ball Saturday at Peden Stadium.

Ohio cornerback Travis Carrie drives up field Saturday at Peden Stadium.

Ohio Defensive Lineman Antwan Crutcher celebrates their 27-21 victory over North Texas after the game Saturday at Peden Stadium.

Ohio University - Week 1

This week I returned to Ohio University to begin my Sophomore year. Getting back into the swing of things, especially with numerous general education courses, has proven a bit strenuous at times. Despite getting aquatinted with a variety of new classes, I've kept taking photos. Just before arriving back in Athens, I was promoted from a stringer photographer to a staff photographer at Ohio University's student newspaper, The Post. I'm excited to be on staff for The Post this school year, and also to have the privilege of learning from some of the world's brightest educators at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication.

I've spent the majority of my first week with The Post creating a video about Ohio University's football team. The Bobcats play Louisville this Sunday (today) and the video focuses on how the team prepares for big games. Ohio has defeated big name schools before, such as Penn State last year, and the Bobcats look for another win today. 

This week for The Post I've also worked on various still photography assignments. One of which was about a student homeowner in Athens who has had a nightmarish ordeal getting her landlord to fix the numerous pre-existing issues with the house she and her roommates inhabit. The Athens Department of Development Enforcement and Facilities listed 28 health code violations for the house this year. 

Katie Spector checks the condition of her basement at 52 Grosvenor St.

I also photographed a story about the new coaching staff for Ohio University's Women's Soccer team. I sat in on a practice and shot some candid photos of the new head coach. 

Newly instated Women's Soccer head coach Aaron Rodgers talks to players huddled around him Wednesday at practice.

Women's Soccer head coach Aaron Rodgers laughs with freshman redshirt Forward Carly Manso at Wednesday's practice.

This week I've also taken some time to walk around Athens with my camera, just to see what there is to see. 

Mardi McFly of Cadillac, MI, and Bren McCormick of Melbourne, FL, craft jewelry with hemp, wire, beads, crystals, and various other items Thursday evening on Court St. while others pass by.