Ohio University - Week 9

These past two weeks have really thrown me for a loop as a photographer. I haven't been having any particular difficulties with creating images, but in how I archive and store them after they've been created. After shooting my second assignment for The Post on last Monday, my hard drive started acting strangely when I was uploading my files to be post-processed. To make a long story short, that was the beginning of my hard drive crashing. After two days of trying everything I could think of and asking anyone that could help, it was confirmed-my hard drive had crashed and I had lost all of my files on it. I thankfully had some of my files backed up on another hard drive, but only up until July. All the images I had taken from mid July until last Monday had been lost. I have since sent my external drive to Western Digital in hopes of recovering those lost files, I haven't heard anything from them on the matter as of yet.

Although this has been a major set back, I have learned a lot from it. I had a photo assignment on that hard drive that was due that Thursday, and I hadn't confirmed that the hard drive had completely crashed until Wednesday morning. I had to push myself to find another subject to shoot in an extremely limited time span in order to meet deadline for my class. I wasn't very happy with what I shot, but I had to get something. This experience taught me first hand that even if everything goes wrong, a photographer still has to make deadline. It also taught me a lot about religiously backing not just one, but numerous hard drives with files in different places to ensure that photographs are secure. Since the incident I have invested in new hard drives and workflow methods to ensure that if something like this happens again, I can isolate the damage done to the absolute best of my ability. Below is the only image I was somewhat happy with after spending an impromptu afternoon with the Athens fire department.

Athens firefighter Sean Dean puts on his fire jacket during a slow day at the Athens fire department on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

After recovering from my hard drive troubles, I shot both Ohio University soccer and volleyball this weekend. This was my first time shooting volleyball. As I shoot sports more and more, I find myself getting much more acquainted with sports and how to best photograph them. Going to school here at Ohio University gives me many opportunities to shoot a wide variety of sports, giving me lots of time to polish my sports photography. 

Ohio University midfielder sophomore Leah Sandercock dribbles upfield while guarded by Eastern Michigan University midfielder junior Molly Krick on Friday, October 18, 2013 at Chessa Field. Ohio University fell to Eastern Michigan University 3-0.

Ohio University forward/midfielder senior Maggie Murnane heads the ball towards the Eastern Michigan University goal on Friday, October 18, 2013, at Chessa Field. 

Ohio University midfielder sophomore Lauren Haley works to hold posession of the ball against Eastern Michigan University defender freshman Madison Hirsch at Chessa Field on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Ohio University middle blocker graduate student Alexis Pinson sets the ball over the net while contested by a Ball State University player as other Ohio University players watch intently. The Cardinals narrowly defeated the Bobcats in five sets during the game held at the convocation center on Saturday, October 19, 2013.

Ohio University middle blocker graduate student Alexis Pinson spikes the ball as a Ball State University player attempts to block the shot.

Ohio University outside hitter junior Kelly Lamberti blocks a shot by Ball State University setter sophomore Jenna Spadafora.

Ohio University middle blocker sophomore Karin Bull spikes the ball past a Ball State player's block.

Portraits and sports

Cecil Walters, director for the Office of Multicultural Student Access and Retention, has been described by his coworkers as both “welcoming” and “professional.”

This week at Ohio University I've been photographing primarily portraits as well as sporting events. Shooting portraits has taught me about new lighting techniques and also helped me to get comfortable posing subjects. Here's some of my favorite shots I've taken recently.

Jack Skillman drives up field while Anthony Kisiday runs to two-hand tap him out during club rugby practice Tuesday, September 24, 2013 held at a field on South Green.

Scott Robinson drives around Jack Skillman during club rugby practice Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

Ohio University wide reciever freshman Skylar Schwarzel poses for a portrait in Peden Stadium on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Schwarzel is an Athens native and played football at Athens high school, his father is also a referee in the Big Ten conference.

Ohio University offensive lineman red shirt sophomore Mike McQueen sits for a portrait on the bleachers of Peden Stadium on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. McQueen is a starter at Ohio University, but didn't start playing football until late in his high school career.

Central Michigan University forward junior Laura Gosse heads the ball while guarded by Ohio University midfielder sophomore Leah Sandercock during the game held at Chessa Field on Sunday, September 29, 2013. Central Michigan University defeated Ohio University 2 - 1. 

Ohio University forward sophomore Holly Harris battles for control of the ball against Central Michigan University defender senior Estee Outcalt. 

Ohio University defender junior Gabby Hausfeld guards Central Michigan University forward senior Nicole Samuel.

Ohio University midfielder junior Annie Beard heads the ball while she competes against Central Michigan University forward senior Nicole Samuel.

A weekend of Ohio University sports

This week I spent my Friday and Saturday photographing Ohio University varsity games.

On Friday I took photos at the Ohio University hockey team's season opener against John Carroll University at Bird Arena in Athens. John Carroll defeated Ohio University in overtime.

Ohio University forward sophomore Michael Harris scores the Bobcat's first goal of the 2013 - 2014 season against John Carroll goalie senior Justin Camuto on Friday at Bird Arena. 

Ohio University hockey players celebrate the first goal of the 2013 - 2014 season by forward sophomore Michael Harris. 

John Carroll goalie senior Justin Camuto defends against a shot made by Ohio University forward senior Brett Agnew while freshman Matthew McHugh dives to aid Camuto in blocking the shot. 

Liam Montgomery, 10, of Stockport, Ohio, high-fives Ohio University forward sophomore Michael Harris as the Bobcats take the ice for the second period of play.

John Carroll University goalie senior Justin Camuto and other players refresh and prepare for a final period of play.

John Carroll University freshman Alex Arendec mentally prepares for the final period of play against Ohio University. 

This Saturday I spent my afternoon photographing the Ohio University football team take on Austin Peay at Peden Field. For the first half of the game, a steady drizzle of rain was descending upon the game, but it cleared up into a beautiful Fall afternoon after half-time. The Bobcats shut out the Governors 38 - 0 for Ohio University's third straight win. 

Ohio University cornerback red shirt senior Travis Carrie stops Austin Peay running back senior Tim Phillips on a drive. 

Ohio University wide receiver red shirt senior Matt Waters celebrates his touchdown with tight end red shirt senior Troy Hill.

Ohio University quarterback red shirt sophomore Derrius Vick drives out of bounds as Austin Peay defensive back junior Montez Carlton grips Donte Foster's jersey and falls to the ground as he glares at Vick. 

Ohio University wide reciever red shirt junior Chase Cochran shakes Austin Peay players as he drives up field. 

Ohio University running back sophomore Daz'mond Patterson scores a touchdown near the end of the fourth quarter to make the score 38 - 0. 

Ohio University running back sophomore Daz'mond Patterson celebrates his touchdown late in the fourth quarter of play against Austin Peay. 

Ohio University defensive lineman freshman Cleon Aloese celebrates with his teammates after the Bobcats' 38 - 0 victory over Austin Peay.